Crunch time

So the end is nearing and as the pressure to complete everything builds, so does the effect on our families. Be sure to use some of the amazing things we have picked up along the way in EDC3100 to engage and interact with them and don’t forget to give them a hug and thank them for their support. I did some colouring in with my son the other night and brought it to life with an app called Quiver. Once we scanned the picture we coloured in, it turned the objects into a VR on the phone! My son loved it and it was a great little daddy-son moment we got to share amongst all the pressures of uni life.

Be good.



One thought on “Crunch time

  1. Hello Michael, I love family moments and these are so important. Without our families around us, we would not be who we are. My children are much older than yours, however, we still hug and give each other support even when we are separated by oceans and countries. There is always a way.
    Keep those father-son and father-daughter moments going. Oh and keep that study happening.


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