So its all changed…

And like that, my world has changed. I have moved into a different position at work and the impact it is having on uni and home life is hard to take. I have to re-evaluate how I am going to be able to complete my study as the hours at work at a little bit silly at the moment. Hopefully soon enough it will settle down. Oh – then throw 3 weeks of prac in and its nearly meltdown time. Oh well, no need for sympathy, just get on with it!

So thinking about how to incorporate ICTs into the classroom and I think about what I was exposed to at school….Overhead projectors and a TV with VCR player. Creative to say the least 😉 From past prac’s, I love the use of IWB but be aware not to fall into the trap of death by PowerPoint! Keep it interactive for the kids. They need to be able to experiment, play and enjoy the use of ICTs.



One thought on “So its all changed…

  1. Hi Michael,

    I went to the computer lab with my Prep class on Friday. It was interesting to watch them try to manipulate the mouse and ‘CLICK’ of the image they wanted to. They used a site called BroadLEARN. Lots of fun interactive literacy and numeracy activities for them to do.
    The common consensus today is that ‘ALL’ children spend every waking moment at home on some form of digital device, however, this was clearly not evident in this class. Also, there is not a lot of ICT in our classroom. We do have a smartboard and the teacher has trialled iPads, however, the iPads proved unsuccessful. We do a lot of hands on! This aligns to us as teachers designing our lessons to suit the needs of the children in our class.
    Let me know, what you are doing with your ICT, when you have a spare minute…


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